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Lapwing Landing

For this project, I was commissioned to help the Content Creator of Lapwing Landing pick her name and create a Logo for her community that matched the imagery and symbolism she intended to foster into her community. 

Lapwing Landing

Carly Ptak



Lapwing Landing Testimonial

"I knew I needed a logo for my brand, but I didn't know where to start. Ms. Coraline talked me through some visualization prompts which helped me form a more concrete concept for the art. The initial draft was clever, simple, and nearly fully realized — on the first try! She was patient and accommodating when I asked for small edits and different color combinations, and I ended up with a complete design suite which clearly communicated the concept and values of my company and community."


- Carly Ptak, Creator of the garden community, Lapwing Landing

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