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IndieCade Horizons

Clients: IndieCade and HEVGA



For this project, I was brought on as an Independent Contractor, acting both as the Graphic Designer for the event and as Discord Manager [Official Title: Horizons Discord Wizard]. For the purposes of this site, I'll be going into the pieces I made as Graphic Designer, split into 3 subgroups: Discord, Twitch, and Social Media.  

IndieCade Horizons Testimonial

Working with Coraline is a dream! She has brought remarkable talent and vision to each project we’ve done together. She is endlessly accommodating, organized, thorough, a clear communicator, and prompt! Her artwork was just what we wanted.  
- Stephanie Barish, CEO IndieCade






Little Buddy, the unofficial official Mascot of the IndieCade Horizons Discord Server.

The very first graphic I created, this Discord Server Icon would not only be used all over the event as its own graphic, but it would also come to define the style of all the other graphics I created.

This abstract background, created both for the discord welcome screen and the promotional fliers, became a key element throughout the branding for the Horizons Event. 

Discord Server
Text Graphics





Twitch Video Components

These buffer cards were made to be played between panels during the event. Each card was made using Adobe After Effects. Using stream services like OBS, the Stream Moderator was able to edit these panels on the fly to include additional text or video components.

Additional Components

Additional Components were also created for Twitch, including a full set of Twitch Panels and Lower Third banners for use during the event. 




Social Media

Horizons Promotional Posters Set

Horizons Promotional Poster MAIN
Horizons Promotional Poster ABOUT
Horizons Promotional Poster Variation 1
Horizons Promotional Poster Variation 2
Horizons Promotional Icon
Horizons Promotional Icon Variation
Sponsors Graphic

I created a full set of digital promotional posters and icons for IndieCade's various social medias in order to help promote the event. A number of variations were created throughout the event with the two I included being the most prominent. Additionally, the banner image seen at the very top of this page is the template banner that I used for each social media account banner. Finally, also included in this set is the Partners and Sponsors Graphic. 

Wrap Up Graphics

These final two graphics were the ones used to close out the event, premiering on social media and being sent directly to our Sponsors and Partners as the event came to its close. 

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