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A Gyroscopic Puzzle Box Experience

"Out of the Box is a first person puzzle game set inside the puzzling world of CubeWorld. The player must navigate five distinct puzzles on each side of the cube in order to escape out of the box!" 

Out of the Box was my first game created in Unity and was created by a team of 5 Graduate Game Design students. For this project, I was in charge of world transformation mechanics, ui elements, and the design and implementation of Red and White levels, the portal room, and the world exterior. I also provided additional coding assistance to all team members and acted as the Project Manager, organizing team meetings, agendas, and assets, and assuring that the team set and hit certain design deadlines. 

The team for Out of the Box consisted of Meagan Couture (That's Me!), Mig Mrizek, Sam Smyth, David Garber, and Ilia Kowalzik, the second iteration of Team Rookies. 

Out of the Box

Homeward Bound

An Immersive High Seas Narrative

Homeward Bound was a game developed by a team of 5 people for Global Game Jam 2021 Online in the span of just under 48 hours! In Homeward Bound, you play as a captain who uses fireworks and star navigation to find his way back home after being lost at sea. For this game project, I acted as Creative Director and Art Director, creating all visual assets, UI, and animations for the game [with the exception of the crate, though I did animate it] and assuring that the UI implementation, Art Design, Sound Design, and Narrative all had strong thematic cohesion. 

The student design team for this game consisted of Meagan Couture (That's Me!), Mig Mrizek, Sam Smyth, Ilia Kowalzik, and Sharmarke Alisalad. This was the start of Team Rookies! 

Homeward Bound

Laser Jumper


A Truly Propulsive Experience

"Use your newly acquired laser gun to blast enemies, collect keys, and propel yourself to new heights as you try to escape a dangerous factory and impress your new boss!"

Laser Jumper was my very first game design project and was created by a team of three undergraduate students in the span of one month. For this project, I acted as the main A/V designer, creating all of the tile map, character, sound effect, and animation assets, with the exception of the menu UI. Additionally I acted as Project Manager, leading the meetings, contacting team members to check on status and meet deadlines, organizing all of the games assets and code, and copresenting our project during its final and competition presentations. This game was a finalist in the 15th Annual Game Design Competition at Stony Brook University.

The student design team for this game consisted of Meagan Couture (that's me!), Kadiatou Diallo, and Matthew Tomko. 

Laser Jumper
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